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Dr. You, Wansik
E : wyou@youandip.com
Graduated from Inha University with a Ph.D in Electronic Engineering.
He worked as a Researcher in LG Industrial Electronics at Electronic Plan department.
He established Factory-Automation (FA) related venture company.
He worked as a Patent Examiner at KIPO.
in Electrical division, Semiconductor Lay-out Design division, Computer Device division, Examination Reviewing division.
He acquired a certificate for Technology consultant.
He had a training course at Australian Patent Institute.
He gave lectures on Intellectual Property rights at KIPA.
He was a member for evaluation at ITEP and IITA(Institution of Information Technology Assessment).
He was a dispatched consultant on Technology Transfer to Korea Technology Transfer Center.
Former Member of Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers, Korean Institute of Power Electronics.

Advisor, 5T International Patent Law Firm
Dr. You has broad expertise in intellectual property matters including all phases of the preparation and prosecution of patent and trademark applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the Korean Intellectual Property Office and advising a diverse clientele, including multi-national corporations, small and medium enterprises, startup companies, universities, and institutes, on a wide range of intellectual property issues. He specialized in technologies include electronic circuits, computer hardware and software, electromechanical devices, electrical machinery, robotics, autonomous vehicles, security and cryptography, and e-commerce and Internet-related technologies.

Dr. You worked as a Patent Examiner at USPTO as well as at KIPO. He is the first person who worked as a Patent Examiner in both countries. He also worked as IP Researcher at Australia Patent Office, where he researched various cases on trademark and design disputes in Australia.

Dr. You also worked as a patent practitioner at large law firms in US and Korea. He worked at Rabin & Berdo in US, and 5T International Patent Law Firm in Korea, where he prosecuted patent and trademark applications, provided intellectual property counseling, prepared patentability opinions and litigation, and provided with patent licensing services for clients. He has a lot of experience in foreign practices before the USPTO, KIPO, JPO, EPO, SIPO, and TIPO.

Dr. You worked as a Visiting Scholar for Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University in US, and as a Patent Advisor and Professor for Technology Licensing Office at Inha University in Korea. He published a book "Technology Transfer of Cornell University".
Dr. You has years of technical experience of working as an Electrical Engineer, and specialized in designing automation controller for building and machines. He has also previously founded a startup company for factory automation.